Basic Tactics in Online Gladiator Slot Mobile Game

Basic Tactics in Online Gladiator Slot Mobile Game

The era when the gladiators fought to get freedom indeed occurred thousands of years ago. However, the story of the gladiator who was willing to fight despite having to sacrifice their lives has always been a story that was appointed in various media. One of them is the Gladiator slot game that offers themed games colossal ancient Roman times. Here are some basic tactics in online gladiator slot mobile game that you should remember to win money.

Basic Tactics in Online Gladiator Slot Mobile Game

Gladiator slot game is one of a variety of slot games at Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website introduced by Playtech. This slot game developer is synonymous with popular themed slots games such as movies, comics, or sports. As slot game that comes from Playtech, Gladiator has a display high quality graphics with sound accompaniment that makes you feel like in the coliseum in ancient Roman times. The difference is, you’re there not to watch two people who are fistfight. You’re trying your luck to get the bonus provided in the Gladiator slot game.

Basic Tactics in Online Gladiator Slot Mobile Game
Basic Tactics in Online Gladiator Slot Mobile Game

The Winning Tactics

Gladiator slot game arguably Gladiator retell the story that was popular on the screen. It is a slot game that you can play using mobile devices by downloading the Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins mobile application. The symbols contained on this game include the characters in the film. Symbol Juba the Gladiator Champion, trainer Gadiator symbol, a symbol of Senator Gracchus, a symbol of Lucilla, and symbols of Commodus will continue to find if you want to target a profit.

The highest profits will be obtained if you managed to land Commodus symbols on the reels. The number of coins you can get up to 5,000 coins if successfully landed five Commodus symbols on an active payline. The next symbol that you should get is a symbol of Lucilla that can provide the highest profits reached 1,000 coins. And other symbols such as Juba or Gracchus also will provide a profit in the range of hundreds of coins for the emergence of five times in a row.

Bonus Game

Bonus of Gladiator slot game is not only found in symbols like Lucilla or Gracchus. You will get a tremendous advantage if managed to get a number of scatter symbols Coliseum. Get 3 to 5 of these symbols on any reel and you can choose a wide range of exciting rewards. Rewards given are stored behind the rocks in the walls of the coliseum.

Every rock that emerged from scatter symbols have different gifts. If you choose a stone in the first row, you will get some free games. Stone in the second row will make you get a multiplier of winning combinations that you gathered earlier. Meanwhile, you will get extra scatter symbol if picked up stones on the row to 3. Finally, the stone on to the fourth row will make you get a wild symbol which is automatically placed in the middle reel. Do not stop there, scatter symbol will also give you a gift achieve 100x coins.

Gladiator slots game also features a wild symbol. Wild symbol of the game is the symbol of gladiator mask and serves to replace other symbols except the scatter symbol. However, this symbol was able to provide additional opportunities through bonus features. If you managed to get a gladiator mask symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will get a chance to play Gladiator Bonus. You will randomly select 9 helmet. Each helmet has a bonus coins amounted to 2.5, 7.5, and 12.5. Total coins that you collect will be the reward of Gladiator bonus game mode.

If you feel the benefits of winning symbol combinations are still lacking, try it at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android where you can get a lot of rewards playing it. You can double victory with features Double-Your-Money. This feature invites you to gamble by guessing the color of the card that is being closed. If right, then your prize money will be doubled. You can play a few times and collect bonuses to tens of times than you earn before. I hope these basic tactics in online gladiator slot mobile game helps you a lot.

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