Brilliant Stories in Online Totem Quest Slot Game

Brilliant Stories in Online Totem Quest Slot Game

Native American communities have a uniqueness and wisdom reflected in the symbolism. One of the most familiar symbols of Native American life is a totem. Ritual Totem searches conducted by the Native American States became the inspiration for GamesOS to be themed slot game Totem Quest. Here are the brilliant stories in online totem quest slot game that you should know.

Brilliant Stories in Online Totem Quest Slot Game

Totem Quest game adopts the past traditions of Native Americans. The graphics and gameplay contained in the game is of course designed so extraordinary that makes you feel the ritual with the Native Americans. Enjoy this game at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android and collect all of the advantages provided by a combination of win-themed totem. If you are lucky, you will get thousands of times the jackpot capital and getting rich quick in a few minutes.

Brilliant Stories in Online Totem Quest Slot Game
Brilliant Stories in Online Totem Quest Slot Game


Totem Quest is a 5-reel slot game and using the 25 paylines. The game comes with the symbols of a winning combination that will give the highest payouts. The symbols of the game include the symbols of Indian public life such as totem, poetry, sculpture, and the like. All symbols are designed so impressive with a blend of color and light effects were so impressive.

The game can be played with a bet denominations of 5 cents to 5 dollars. In one spin, you can wager up to 25 dollars. The Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website game will run after the player presses the spin. You can play automatically by pressing the auto spin. By doing so, you should not have bothered to press the spin button each time you start the game.

Symbols in the game include totem symbol, gem, carved birds, indian bags, bombs, and various other symbols. If you managed to land a winning combination on a particular symbol, the game will feature a unique animation adapted to the characteristics of each symbol. The highest bonus you get if you manage to get the symbol Purple Totem. Jackpot with a maximum value of 2,000 coins will be yours if you managed to land 5 symbols on an active payline.

Bonus Games

Totem Quest game has no wild symbols are often eagerly awaited by the players. Scatter symbol also does not exist in this game. However, you can still get tremendous victory through various bonus games that have been reserved for the player.

The first bonus games that will be earned by players is Trip Through the Worlds. This bonus will be active if you manage to get three or more symbols Totem Quest logo on the game. You will be asked to draw up a puzzle that will provide attractive prizes to be won. However, arranging puzzle could be not as easy as you think.

The next bonus is Catch the Gems. Players must catch every gem that falls to be able to collect as many bonus. Do not hesitate to catch because you can win hundreds of thousands of coins if caught gem in the greatest number. Last bonus will ask you to land at least three symbols on the reel Bomb. Bonus titled Flying Tiles will ask you for plucking tiles from across the screen. Each tiles you take will provide a very attractive bonus.

Overall, the game Totem Quest invites you to enjoy the thrill seeking totem, which is part of the rituals of Native Americans. This game has a rare themes that are rarely found in other slot games. Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins can be proud of ourselves as being part of the effort to preserve the cultural remains of ancient civilizations.

After knowing the brilliant stories in online totem quest slot game, I just hope this post will help you win. The pride that you get will make you be lucky in Totem Quest slot game. You see, this game promises every player to get the biggest bonus by utilizing various bonus rounds. So start playing and win all jackpots available.

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