Facts about Black Jack that You Should Know

Facts about Black Jack that You Should Know

You may have read many tips, tricks, and strategies about playing Blackjack. But, you may not have read some important facts about Black Jack that you should know. They may be the ones that will contribute a lot in your winning later. Go check the following facts!

Facts about Black Jack that You Should Know

Facts about Black Jack that You Should Know
Facts about Black Jack that You Should Know

What is called as house edge is the amount of money you will lose on every bet in average it is effective on both land based and online casinos like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. This amount of money only occurs in the long run. How does it work then? If you place a bet of a unit in the game, you either win 1 unit or lose 1 unit. Yet, you can also win 1.5 units if the blackjack is dealt. Look at the big number of hands if you wish to get the average house edge of 1%.

Despite of that fact above, there are some players claiming that the house edge can as low as 0.5% or even 0.4%. This incredibly low house edge can make this game as a friendly betting game. However, knowing that it has low house edge won’t automatically guarantee you will gain huge cash. You still need to hone your strategy mastery. For some players, the house edge can be very wide instead.

There is a benefit hidden from new cards

If you happen to play Blackjack using new cards, you must make most of it. The fact is that this kind of card is not really random. The 10-point cards are likely to be on the top of each other. They are likely to be grouped together in the pack. Although the cards are still shuffled, chances are a single shuffle will not be enough to break up the arrangement of the cards. The arrangement will be scattered with at least two shuffles.

There are so-called the worst and the best hand in the game

From all the games you’ve played so far, what is your best hand? If you haven’t known any, check these mathematically predicted worst and best hands.

  • 16 is said to be the worst hand. Those hands having lower scores have a lower possibility of winning. On the other hand, those hands with higher scores have a better probability of winning.
  • 21 is claimed to be the best hand. Then, the second and the third best hands are 19 and 11 respectively.
  • With holding one card only, your chance of getting 19 is 46.2%, while your possibility of getting 21 is 30.8%.

You have Blackjack trainers

Are you new to Blackjack game? Do you worry about being in complete lost? Fear not. Some great apps have got your back! Those apps are best to fine-tune your playing strategy and skills. If you are an Apple users, you can try Blackjack MH. If you are an Android users, try Blackjack 21. If you think you have had enough training from these apps, you can go to a real casino.

Those are the facts about Black Jack that you should know.  Now that you already have the list of facts about Blackjack that you should now, you can combine that with your knowledge of playing Blackjack strategy. These would be a great weapon for you to bring more cash home. Good luck!

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