How to Read Odds in Sports Betting

How to Read Odds in Sports Betting

Knowing how to read odds in sports betting is essential in any kind of betting. However, since sports betting has numerous variants, every punter must understand how to use the correct method for each variant. We will guide you step by step to read odds.

Before we learn how to read odds, we must know what odds is. Odds are numbers which tell you the probability of the match’s outcome and how much they payouts for winning bettors. They also predict the horse, athlete or team having the highest likelihood of winning. There are several ways to write odds. Odds may also change during the match because of the circumstances affecting the competition.

How to Read Odds in Sports Betting

How to Read Odds in Sports Betting
How to Read Odds in Sports Betting

Punters must also note that the party having the highest odds is the favorite. On the other hand, the ones having the lowest odds is the underdog. Since betting on the underdog is riskier, winning a bet on the underdog will produce a bigger reward.

Read the Odds at Horse Track

The favorite at horse track betting will have the smallest fraction. In contrast, you will not expect a horse to win if in its fraction a larger number appears on top compared to the number on the bottom. Moreover, fractions which are greater than one signify that the horses are the underdogs having very low probabilities of winning. To count the profits you simply need to multiply your bet by the odds.

Read the Moneyline Odds

Moneyline bets aim to predict which team will win the match. The odds are displayed next to the team’s name using a negative or positive sign. The negative sign means that the teams have a bigger chance to win the match, whereas the team with the positive sign is not likely to win.

Read the Odds at Point Spread Bets

Unlike the money line bets, the point spread bets concern with the score for the favorite team. For example in The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. If you bet that the favorite team will win by a three-point spread. Then, your bet will pay you out only if the favorite team wins by more than three points. However, if you bet on the underdog, you will get the rewards if the underdog wins or lose by less than three points.

You must take a note that when the favorite team wins exactly by the spread, bookmakers will call it a push and all bets will be refunded making no one collect a reward. Be careful of the half-odds appear. It is made so that a push is impossible to occur. In addition, if the spread is small, moneyline bets become more profitable.

Reading the Under/Over Odds

This one is the easiest. If the bookmakers decide the odds is 195.5 points, you will win the over bet if the total score is 196 or more. If the total score is exactly what the bookmakers set, it is considered a push.

You see that several kinds of odds influence how to read odds in sports betting. Therefore, you must learn to use the correct one. You do not have to memorize all of them, especially if you specialize your bets on a certain sport. However, knowing them will be beneficial if you decide to enjoy some variations.

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