How to Win in Soccer Betting Using the Handicap System

How to Win in Soccer Betting Using the Handicap System

It is of common knowledge that in all sports, usually, there is an apparent difference in the ability to establish dominance of the teams that are to play against each other, so is the case with soccer. Although it’s a well-tested theory that the better team, on paper, is always going to be the team that is expected to win, but it’s not a given. So how to win in soccer betting using the handicap system?

It is vital to realize that it’s not always the superiority of teams that determines the outcome of a certain game, there are various other situational factors surrounding the outcome of a game of soccer and these factors are never the same for every individual game.

How to Win in Soccer Betting Using the Handicap System

How to Win in Soccer Betting Using the Handicap System
How to Win in Soccer Betting Using the Handicap System

Some very common situational factors that can affect the result of a game may include; home field advantage, playing conditions, winning/losing streaks, previous matchups between the two teams, historical dominance, table standings, playing schedule, player injuries/availability etc. Since, there are so many factors to look for when drawing comparisons between teams, to seek out the best bet, it becomes hard to take everything into account and correctly predict the outcomes of games.

This is where handicap betting system comes in. The central idea of handicap system is to take into account the above-mentioned situational factors and first interpret and then represent them as chances of victory for each side in terms of odds. In short, taking into consideration the apparent favoritism regarding the capabilities of a team and instilling them into the odds to make them more balanced and appealing, bookmakers offer handicap betting is The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie.

Now let’s jump right into how you can win at soccer betting using the various kinds of handicap system:

  • Level Handicap:

The purpose of level handicap is just to get the draw result out of the picture, it’s really simple to win at level handicap bets as you just have to correctly predict which team is going to win in order to win the bet and if somehow the game concludes in a draw all bets are refunded since, when zero handicap is applied neither team has any advantage.

  • Single Handicap:

In single handicap system, the team that has a positive handicap is the underdog while the team with the negative handicap is the favorite to win, but where it gets a little bit complex is that, if you bet on the favorite team then they have to beat the underdog by more number of goals than the figure mentioned in the handicap, while if you are betting on the underdog then the underdog team has to lose by lesser goals than the figure mentioned in the handicap. Now, this provides you with chances to make money even off the losing team by betting on them, the only thing the losing team has to do is lose by lesser goals than stated in the handicap for you to win the bet.

  • Split or Double Handicap:

A split handicap system is adopted when the difference in the ability and paper-chances of two teams is small, in this case, two close handicap values are assigned to each team, the positive again for the underdogs and the negative to the favorite. The split or double handicap system works exactly the same way as the single handicap, the only difference being that there are two handicap values, out of which either one or even both can be satisfied. If, somehow you lose on one of the handicaps but win at the other you may not only recover the amount of money you bet, you can also make a profit even after losing at one handicap bet since, equal split of the total amount of money you bet gets assigned to each handicap, doubling your chances to win and cutting the chances of you parting with your money.

This post is all about how to win in soccer betting using the handicap system that you must remember. In short, handicap betting may help you reduce, or even completely avert, loss even after losing the bet and increase your profitability when you win at the bet, though, if you’re still dwelling in the past and following the outdated three-way fixed odds betting, it won’t come as a shock if you are not receiving a decent return on your investment. Handicap betting is where you can utilize your knowledge of stats, previous encounters and home leg advantages and predict the likely outcome of the game and then bet on the handicap that’s most suitable to your predicted outcome and you may end up inheriting profit irrespective of whether the team you bet on wins or loses.

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