Sports Betting Handicapping – How to do it Right?

Sports Betting Handicapping - How to do it Right?

If you are a bettor, either a professional or a rookie one, you have probably heard the word ‘handicapping’. In case you haven’t, the term can refer to the methods used to predict the result of a sporting match but can also be applied to the practice of prognosticate the result of a competition. Thus, the person studying and waging on sports events called handicapper. As this article’s talking about it, here are two key tips about sports betting handicapping – how to do it right?

Sports Betting Handicapping – How to do it Right?

Sports Betting Handicapping - How to do it Right?
Sports Betting Handicapping – How to do it Right?

Tips #1 know your background knowledge in sports

You, as a bettor, need to double check your background knowledge in sports in order to know how many and how deep you know about them. This is important as you need to direct yourselves to what kind of handicappers you need to be.

If you know the majority of kind of sports, you probably don’t know them intimately enough. That means you are a generalist handicappers. Throughout the summer months, you can put your bet on golf and tennis. Meanwhile, in the fall, you can dedicate your time and skill to college and professional football, or basketball and hockey in October. When November-March comes, you can switch your focus to college basketball.

On the other hand, if you are specializing, focusing on, and building knowledge as deep as possible in a particular sport, you are called a specialist handicapper. It will be easy for you to monitor the track record of professional sports as a whole because there is only a division play and one league and the teams don’t often change the form.

No one is saying one kind is better than the other. You only need to know that either specialist or generalist; you need the find the best edge to cash your bet.

Tips #2 know your money management

Make sure you always set aside your income to a certain amount of money for your primary needs and absolutely for your betting need – your bankroll. Your bankroll should be the amount of money you can afford to lose. After that, set aside a certain amount of money for this week betting, that month betting, and or this season betting. You can get value bets at the the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies where I usually bet on sports games.

On top of that, don’t forget the strategy of 1%-5% of the bankroll. For example, with you setting aside of $500 for the England Premier League, you only need to make $50-$100 bets on each game. Don’t let yourselves be trapped in a wrong mindset that will cost you losing more and more money. Work with it slowly but sure. Once you see a nice chance throughout the game or the season, increase it.

As a handicapper, you need to be patient and calm enough. As elaborated in those key tips of sports betting handicapping – how to do it right? Being in a rush, either to master all kinds of sports and put on a bet as high as possible will likely lead you to a complete loss. As a result, instead of making more money, you are slowly turning broke.

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